Welcome to Geometric

Geometric is a tuition centre, based in Doha, Qatar. Our aim is to help students develop through personalised learning programmes that are delivered by qualified tutors from the UK. We provide support for a wide variety of subjects in small class settings. Each student follows a personalised programme of study that caters for his or her individual needs. At Geometric we ensure that our tutoring supports and complements the curriculum of British Schools. To discuss your educational needs please call: 3333 2468 (9am - 7pm)


Closed for Eid Al-Fitr

19th May 2020

As part of the Eid Al-Fitr celebrations, we will be closed from Wednesday 20th May and we will resume live online classes from Tuesday 26th May. 

From our team at Geometric Learning Centre we wish you a happy and safe Eid holiday.


Live Online Classes

13th March 2020

Live face-to-face online classes now available.

To help reduce the impact of school closures we are now offering live online classes. You will be following the same classes with the same highly experienced tutors.

For more information just click on the link below and fill-out the inquiry form. 


Classes cancelled due to COVID-19

12th March 2020

Due to the ongoing health issue caused by the COVID-19 virus, the Education Ministry has instructed that all tuition classes be cancelled until further notice. No childtren will be allowed in the building until clearence has been given by the Education Ministry. 

All students are advised to continue their studies through our live online classes.

Student Testimonials

Geometric helped me to get a grade 'A' in A level Maths..... now I'm off to the UK for Uni Adam - Year 13. Doha College
They all thought I couldn't pass IGCSE English..... Geometric helped me to move up by 2 grades! Above all they gave me confidence in myself Lisa - Year 11, Parkhouse School
I scored 5 in all three SATs exams, English, Maths and Science. It was easy Anastasia - Year 6, DBS
I passed with 3 As at A level and was offered a place at Imperial College, London. Thanks Geometric Nipun - Year 13, Doha College
I really understand Maths now Sara - Year 6, DESS
Thank you for helping me to prepare for my IGCSE Maths exam when I was in YR 6. I passed with an A* Ishwar, Yr 6, DC